The BfR proved for the first time that toxically degradation products have been formed after a laser tattoo-removal of blue colour. Amongst other toxically substances they found Benzene and Hydrocyanic acid.

Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is very harmful to the human organism even in small amounts. The strong cancer-causing effect leads to genetic damage. Already a benzene concentration of 2 % in the breath leads after 5 – 10 minutes to the death.

Hydrocyanic acid or cyanide is a colourless, fast-acting toxic gas which can easily reached via the skin into the bloodstream due to its small size of the molecules. Given the fact that a dose of five micrograms per millilitres in the blood can be even fatal, local cyanide concentrations of 30 micrograms are worrying” so Schreiver and her colleagues.

Alarmed by the direct detection of dangerous substances BfR will in future examine fission products by laser tattoo removal strengthened.

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Note of Skinial :

This discovery is only the beginning; other horror news will follow. The real problem has long been known and is unfortunately drawn a veil of silence by the laser lobby and by dermatologists who have a conflict of interest. Even newer, produced tattoo ink according to the national regulations is chemically altered by the high energy of a laser. It creates highly toxic, carcinogenic fission products. This is the real dilemma of the tattoo ink manufacturer, because it is not possible to produce a tattoo colour that does not dissolve under laser influence or releases uncontrolled new chemical compounds as well as new toxic substances. For this reason, it should be warned for laser tattoo removal as it is very dangerous to humans and the long-term effects have not yet been adequately studied.